TANATIN®Liquid (liquid acrylic mud thinner/deflocculant)

TANATIN®Liquid (liquid acrylic mud thinner/deflocculant)


TANATIN® Liquid is a highly effective concentrated synthetic thinner for water-based muds (WBM), both fresh and saltwater. It is environmentally friendly and contains no heavy metals.

It is very effective for viscosity control and deflocculation even in the presence of contaminants and elevated temperatures.


  • rapidly decreases drilling mud viscosity/ rheological properties
  • effective in small concentrations
  • ideal in treating mud prior to running casing and cement job


  • dissolves rapidly
  • works at any pH and temperature
  • does not require Caustic Soda for activation

Recommended treatment

Recommended concentration: 1,5-3,0 kg/m3 depending on the mud system and desired flow properties

Typical properties

Brown liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


TANATIN® Liquid mud thinner is packaged in 19 l (25 kg) pails

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