TANATIN® (modified tannin mud thinner)

TANATIN® (modified tannin mud thinner)


TANATIN® is a versatile tannin based additive for drilling mud fluid loss and viscosity control.

Due to its high anionic charge acts as a deflocculant, neutralizes excessive positive charges on the clay particles, destroys clay aggregates.

4-5 times more effective than lignosulfonates. Ideal to treat cement contamination of the drilling fluid.

Can be used in cementing fluids as a retarder.


  • decreases drilling mud viscosity while maintaining adequate gel structure
  • promotes high temperature fluid loss control by clay particles deflocculation
  • ideal in treating cement, anhydrite, acid gases contamination of the drilling the mud


  • 4-5 times more effective than lignosulfonates
  • does not contain chrome, can be used in environmentally sensitive areas
  • high thermal stability (up to 200C)
  • does not require caustic soda for activation

Recommended treatment

Recommended concentration:

  • 3-10 kg/m3 in dispersed non-inhibitive muds
  • 1-7 kg/m3 to treat mud contamination
  • 1-5 to treat mud prior to cement job

Typical properties

Free flowing brown powder


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


TANATIN® mud thinner is packaged in 50lbs (22,7 kg) bags

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