EXTRAMUL®2000 (OBM Primary Emulsifier)

EXTRAMUL®2000 (OBM Primary Emulsifier)


EXTRAMUL®2000 is a polyaminated tall oil fatty acid - primary OBM emulsifier.

It is a surfactant that reduces the surface tension between the water droplets and oil. One end of the molecule has an affinity for water while the rest of the molecule has an affinity for oil. EXTRAMUL®2000 particles form a coating around the water droplets to keep them from coalescing.

EXTRAMUL®2000 is used to provide a stable water-in-oil emulsion. Remains efficient at elevated temperatures and in the presence of contaminants (water, solids, acid gases).

Lime is required for activation (to replace the hydrogen on the fatty acid by a metal and to form calcium soaps).


  • builds superior water-in-oil type of emulsion
  • electrical stability values can reach 2000V depending on the concentration, mud type and shear
  • can be used with any type of base oil: diesel, crude, mineral oil
  • provides HTHP fluid loss control


  • can be used independently or in conjunction with the secondary emulsifier WELLTREAT® (especially if heavy muds are used)
  • promotes oil wetting in invert emulsions
  • 100% “green” product, made of renewable sources

Recommended treatment

Recommended concentration – 4-12 ppb (11.4-34.2 kg/m3). It is recommended to run a pilot test. The product can be added directly into the mud system.

Typical properties

Dark brown viscous liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


EXTRAMUL®2000 emulsifier is packaged in 200l drums

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