OPTITROL® (cost-effective low viscosity fluid loss control/total mud conditioner)

OPTITROL® (cost-effective low viscosity fluid loss control/total mud conditioner)

OPTITROL® is a Tall Oil Pitch based versatile fluid loss control agent designed to provide superior wellbore stability as well as stable fluid loss and rheological properties of the drilling fluid even at bottomhole temperatures up to 2200C


OPTITROL® is an environmentally friendly broad application fluid loss control additive for WBM. It was formulated to improve API and HTHP fluid loss and provide rheological stability over a wide range of temperatures. It is highly effective in high-density drilling fluids where fluid loss control can be achieved without an increase in viscosity.


  • Forms a seal on the wellbore wall and provides superior wellbore stability
  • Prevents cuttings disintegration and solids build-up
  • Extends fluid loss control under adverse conditions
  • Provides stable rheological properties at elevated temperatures (up to 2200C)
  • Improves lubricity
  • Improves ROP


  • High thermal stability – used to replace basic fluid loss control polymers (CMC, PAC, starches)
  • Does not increase viscosity of the drilling fluid (highly effective in heavy muds – up to 2.2 SG)
  • 100% “green” product derived from the natural renewable raw materials

Recommended treatment

2-10 ppb (5.6-28 kg/m3). It is recommended to dissolve OPTITROL® in warm water prior to adding to the active mud system. Please refer to the product brochure for more information.

Well cost

Total well cost is lower due to the versatility of the product. It allows eliminating expensive synthetic polymers from the drilling program.

Typical properties

Brown granules or liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


OPTITROL® versatile fluid loss control agent is packaged in 44lbs (20 kg) bags or 200 l drums when liquid




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