MAX-FLEX® (modified styrene-butadiene latex sealant/shale inhibitor)

MAX-FLEX® (modified styrene-butadiene latex sealant/shale inhibitor)


MAX-FLEX® is a modified, synthetic styrene-butadiene latex, easily dispersible in water. Stabilizes shale formations, prevents clay minerals hydration and lowers the mud fluid loss. Forms a membrane on the wellbore wall, encapsulates the cuttings with a strong film, preventing disintegration.

MAX-FLEX® can be used in both freshwater drilling fluids and salty drilling fluids. It is also used in oil-based muds as a filtration control agent and cementing fluids to reduce the filtration and improve the bond quality cement-casing and cement-formation rock.

The average particle size of 5-150µ - ideal in combination with asphalt type shale inhibitors like STABILITE®II to form a solid sealant in the pores.


  • ensures superior wellbore stability
  • is used in the areas where KCl inhibitive properties are not sufficient
  • forms a membrane on the wellbore wall, prevents water invasion into the shale matrix
  • seals pores and micro-fractures, prevents pore pressure transmission
  • coats shale cuttings and wellbore wall to stop swelling and sloughing
  • promotes cuttings disposal on the shale shakers
  • lowers mud filtration rates


  • high thermal stability – up to 150С
  • resistant to contamination (including Ca++ and Mg++ contamination)

Recommended treatment

MAX-FLEX® is added through a mud hopper or directly into the mud pit. When building the mud first add bentonite as MAX-FLEX® prevents clay hydration. Recommended treatment 10-25 kg/m3 (4-9 ppb).


Appearance – semi-transparent to white/creamy liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


MAX-FLEX® shale inhibitor is packaged in 200l drums or IBCs.

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