ADVANTA®Liquid (Liquid polymeric OBM fluid loss control agent)

ADVANTA®Liquid (Liquid polymeric OBM fluid loss control agent)


ADVANTA® is a highly-effective OBM fluid loss control agent. HTHP filtration values can be as low as 0 even if measured on the ceramic disks.

Physical appearance – low-viscosity white liquid.

Can be easily added through the mud hopper, instantly disperses in the mud and quickly lowers the fluid loss.

The product is recommended to use in the drill-in fluids formulation as it does not adversely affect the reservoir properties


  • fast and effective solution for HTHP fluid loss control in OBM
  • forms a thin and firm filter cake
  • disperses easily in any base oil type
  • stabilizes rheological properties at elevated temperatures
  • can be used independently or in conjunction with other FLA’s like STABILITE®OBM (grinded asphalt) and CLOTONEX® (organolignite)


  • promotes wellbore stability
  • helps prevent barite settling
  • is recommended for use in non-damaging RDF (reservoir drilling fluid)

Recommended treatment

1- 5 ppb (3-15 kg/m3) depending on the desired fluid loss properties. It is recommended to slowly add the product to the active mud system

Typical properties

White liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


ADVANTA® Liquid is packaged in 200 l drums

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