SUPERSLIDER®OBM (OBM ester based friction modifier/OBM lubricant)

SUPERSLIDER®OBM (OBM ester based friction modifier/OBM lubricant)


SUPERSLIDER®OBM – oil based drilling fluids friction modifier and lubricant. It is a blend of polymerized fatty acids esters.

When soluble in hydrocarbons the molecules tails build a protective film between the drill string, casing metal and a wellbore.

Due to this effect the lubrication regime changes from boundary to hydrodynamic.

SUPERSLIDER®OBM is primarily used in complicated ERD and horizontal drilling.


  • reduces torque and drag and drill string weights quickly and effectively
  • minimizes Stick&Slip
  • allows drilling more extended sections with smaller rigs
  • improves ROP


  • can be used with any type of base oil (crude, mineral oil, diesel)
  • improves emulsion stability
  • can be used as a concentrated pill prior to running casing and liners

Recommended treatment

10-30 kg/m3 depending on the density, OWR and bottom hole temperature

Can be added through the mud hopper or directly to the pit with the active mud system

Typical properties

Brown liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


SUPERSLIDER®OBM is packaged in 200 liters drums

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