SHALE-X®DP (dry powder humate-borosilicate blend shale stabilizer)

SHALE-X®DP (dry powder humate-borosilicate blend shale stabilizer)

Versatile dry powder humate-borosilicate blend - WBM shale inhibitor, fluid loss control agent, mild mud thinner


SHALE-X®DP is a high-performance humate-borosilicate blend – shale inhibitor for water-based muds.

Acts by a synergistic interaction between the blend components – borates, humates and silicates blended at an optimum ratio.

While dissolved in water, immediately forms three-dimensional spatial structures on the active clay particles surfaces to form chemical “associates” to minimize their hydration and dispersion.

SHALE-X®DP particles dissolved in a mud filtrate react with the pore fluids cations to form a rubbery matter to seal-off pore-throats and micro-fractures.

It also acts by increasing the filtrate viscosity thus preventing it from shale matrix invasion.

SHALE-X®DP provides an outstanding wellbore stability even in sloughing shales sections. 

Aids in bit-balling prevention (positive clay particles repulsion mechanism).      


·        seals-off pores and microfractures

·        forms an impenetrable barrier on the wellbore wall, prevents pore-pressure transmission

·        lowers API and HTHP fluid loss

·        prevents solids build-up, stabilizes YP and Gels 

·        adds mild mud thinning effect, lowers thixotropic coefficient

·        promotes wellbore stability


·        triple inhibition action – chemical and physical sealing

·        works well in freshwater and high saline environment

·        due to its anionic nature is compatible with the most known mud additives 

Recommended treatment

3-10 kg/m3 (8,4-28 ppb). The product is normally added through the mud hopper. Pilot testing is recommended.

Typical properties

Free-flowing brown to black powder


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


SHALE-X®DP is packaged in 55lbs (25 kg) bags


SHALE-X_DP_TDS_ENG Size: 406.7 Kb

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