REOMOD®Liquid (OBM polymerized fatty acid Rheology modifier)

REOMOD®Liquid (OBM polymerized fatty acid Rheology modifier)


REOMOD®Liquid is a blend of polymerized fatty acids and derivatives. Designed as a high-performance rheology modifier for all types of OBM (oil-based drilling fluids).

It modifies rheological profile of oil-based muds, increasing their shear-thinning and thixotropic characteristics without using additional clay-based additives.

It is used to increase muds LSRV – low-shear rheology values to improve cutting transport in directional and horizontal wells.

REOMOD®Liquid builds and promotes flat rheological profile. Decreases mud viscosity dependency on the temperature deviations. Helps maintain wellbore stability when breaking the circulation after long periods without circulation.

REOMOD®Liquid is one of the main component of FROBS (flat rheology oil based muds).

Lime is required for activation.


  • used to increase LSRV in invert-emulsions
  • forms flat rheological profile and gels
  • electrical stability values
  • can be used with any type of base oil: diesel, crude, mineral oil


  • improves electrical stability as a secondary function
  • helps minimize Surge&Swab
  • temperature stability 200C minimum
  • 100% “green” product, made of renewable sources

Recommended treatment

Recommended concentration – 0,7-2,5 ppb (2-7 kg/m3). It is recommended to run a pilot test. The product can be added directly into the mud system.

Typical properties

Brown viscous liquid


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


REOMOD®Liquid rheology modifier is packaged in 200l drums

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