KLSP®OBM (dry obm emulsifier for cold climates)

KLSP®OBM (dry obm emulsifier for cold climates)


KLSP®OBM is a dry OBM emulsifier used in cold climates.

It is used to build and maintain stable invert emulsion (water-in-oil). Requires lime to form calcium soaps for activation.

Dry granules form is much more cost-effective compared to the liquid form especially in the distant locations with the cold climate.

It is a 100% active product - lower concentration is required. Transportation, storage and disposal costs are much lower compared to drums.


  • forms a stable invert emulsion (water-in-oil)
  • promotes oil wetting characteristics of the solids
  • effective in any type of the base oil (crude, diesel, mineral oil)
  • remains effective under adverse bottomhole conditions: temperature stability at least 150C


  • ideal candidate for cold climates
  • lower transportation and disposal costs: no need to dispose metal drums
  • saves rig time: no need to heat up the drums before using the product

Recommended treatment

5-11 ppb (14-30 kg/m3) depending on the desired ES values and mud density. It is recommended to add the product to the base oil together with lime prior to adding CaCL2 brine.

Typical properties

Dark brown granules


Please refer to the MSDS for specific instructions


KLSP®OBM is packaged in 20 kg bags

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