WELLBOND® (lost circulation resin)

WELLBOND® is a lost circulation remedy technology used with the OBM.

It consists of two components:

-        WELLBOND® organic resin

-        Calcium Chloride - cross-linking agent

When lost returns occurs:

-        determine the thief zone

-        mix WELLBOND® in a mixing tank

-        set the drill pipe at the top of or opposite the loss zone

-        pump the slurry through the drill pipes (no need to change the BHA)

-        pump the buffer liquid (base oil) to prevent resin from contacting CaCl2 inside the pipes

-        make sure the slurry and CaCl2 brine are displaced from the pipes

-        close the rams, gently squeeze the slurry into the loss zone (50 psi maximum)

-        hold the squeeze pressure 1-2 hours or until it dissipates



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